h&sThese regulations place obligations on clients, designers and builders to ensure the building can be constructed, maintained and finally demolished safely.

Although at first sight these regulations appear very onerous,  The drawing office will guide you through them providing a comprehensive service to ensure we all comply with the provisions.

Client’s duties under CDM 2015 include ensuring the construction work can be carried out safely, that adequate welfare facilities are provided for the workforce and in specified circumstances the project is notified to HSE. However, for domestic clients these duties are delegated to the principal contractor or if appointed in writing the principal designer.

The drawing office will plan, manage, and monitor the pre-construction phase co-ordinating matters relating to health and safety to ensure your building project proceeds without risk.

Our designs and specifications identify potential health or safety risks associated with any existing building, buried services, hazardous materials, structural integrity etc. as well as highlighting any potential risks associated with the new building work. This will ensure the builder can accurately prepare his quotation and complete the project safely.

The principal contractor appointed must ensure the building work is carried out safely complying with all the relevant health and safety legislation. They must also maintain adequate welfare facilities throughout the construction phase.

For further information on CDM 2015 go to www.hse.gov.uk/cdm      cdm-2015